Strategic Plan

In the second half of 2016 the ON TRACK National Executive Committee developed a five year strategic plan. This document provides an overview of our organisational structure, funding, mission, vision, strategic platform, core values, objectives and key performance indicators.  Strategic Plan


The ON TRACK Network Mission

The ON TRACK Network mission is to engage with and energise research in the maternal and perinatal health community to optimise health for pregnant women and their babies in New Zealand. The ON TRACK Network will champion the identification of priority research questions, capacity-build to allow the integration of high-quality, sustainable clinical trials into routine clinical practice and facilitate the dissemination and implementation of research findings into clinical practice in all regions across New Zealand.


The ON TRACK Network Vision

Our vision is to see a self-improving maternal and perinatal healthcare system effective in New Zealand, where all maternity centres and disciplines perceive clinical trials research to be a core component of service provision and who engage in high quality multicentre clinical trials research accordingly, to achieve greater equity, outcomes, and quality of life for women and babies nationwide.


The ON TRACK Network Strategic Platform

Keeping ON TRACK with the three pillars underpinning the Network

Pillar One:
Identify priority research questions in maternal and perinatal health across New Zealand.

Pillar Two:
Facilitate the establishment and effective integration of multicentre clinical trials in maternal and perinatal health at all sites in New Zealand that provide maternity and neonatal care.

Pillar Three:
Facilitate the dissemination and timely implementation of research findings into the clinical environment to raise the profile of evidence-based practice, increase the knowledge-base of local practitioners and enhance the quality of care received by women and babies nationwide.